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BEWARE: software on this page is not maintained. It may be useful to you. Please do no contact me about features requests.

SyncML is an XML based protocols family, aimed at providing remote synchronisation of mobile devices. It's built-in more and more mobile devices, such as mobile phones or PDAs

I wrote a very basic SyncML server in PHP. It's based (right now) on a MySQL backend, but could easily use other kinds of SQL servers, LDAP servers or even flat files.

This server has been developped very quickly, and tested only with a P800 phone. I hope to be able to develop it further as time permits. Right now, it classifies more as a "hack" rather than "software".

Features :

What lacks :

As of now, you can either download the software and try it on your own server (you'll need a PHP enabled webserver, and a MySQL server), or try my on-line test setup. See below.

Server installation

Client configuration

The following is for the P800. Might or not be similar for other clients.


Click here.

Comments / ideas / bugs

You can send me a private e-mail, or use the mailing list I set up for this purpose at or through

DISCLAIMER ABOUT THIS SOFTWARE: please note that this software is provided as-is, without guarantee of any kind. Use at your own risks. Please understand that this software might cause strange things on your client device, among which losing all your data is not the most unlikely. Backup everything.

DISCLAIMER ABOUT THE TEST SERVER: as its name implies, it's just for testing. You should assume that this server is really temporary, that everything is logged and nothing is guaranteed to be kept confidential in the info you exchange with it. You should assume too that this server can send any bogus information to your device, and it may cause problems or data loss.

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